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A Playground for Thoughts on Educational Technology and Training. Topical discussions on educational technology and elearning for technology-minded educators and training professionals. Hosted by Avron Barr and Tom King.
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A Playground for Thoughts on Educational Technology and Training.
Hosted by Avron Barr and Tom King.

Join the conversation as we engage in topical discussion on educational technology and elearning. Our intended audience is technology-minded professionals in the fields of education and corporate training.

Please participate. The podcast first “semester” is January - June of 2016 and our goal is to publish 1-2 episodes a month.

Use the moderated comments below or @eLearningRecess for follow-up questions or future topic ideas.
Everybody loves a little encouragement.

Mar 24, 2016

During this recess: views from an xAPI bootcamp, LTG acquires Rustici Software and invests in Watershed LRS, British veterinarian/novelists, bullets and armor, Learning Analytics, and US DoDI 1322.26.

LINKS (in Bold)

xAPI Camps, Presentations, and xAPI General Information
xAPI Quarterly  a great place to watch for the next xAPI camp or general news relating to xAPI.
MakingBetter Aaron Silvers and Megan Bowe connect and contribute to the global xAPI community, and often facilitate xAPI camps.

xAPI Practical Work with Veterinary Technician Certification [or what Tom calls learning that puts the Labrador in Lab work]

Using the Experience API to Manage Informal & Experiential Learning [referenced by Avron as Marty Rosenheck's "Extending Classrooms" presentation ad the Trek system]

Connected Learning Analytics Toolkit [referenced by Avron as Kristy Kitto's work and an excellent example of an architecture with analytics for education]

xAPI on Wikipedia
xAPI on the ADL website

xAPI LRS Vendors and Analytics Tools
Cogntive Advisors Trek Learning Experience Manager
Riptide LRS
Learning Locker LRS
Watershed LRS

Rustici Software, Watershed, and LTG Acquisition/Investment
Third party news release on Learning Technologies Group acquisition of Rustici Software and investment in Watershed LRS
Rustici Software and their blog post on acquisition
Watershed and their blog post on the LTG investment
Learning Technologies Group (LTG PLC) and their post on acquisition & investment

A Directive that Helped Drive Initial SCORM Adoption
U.S. Dept. of Defense Instruction 1322.26 for Procurement of Learning Systems - due for update, perhaps later in 2016. Will it include xAPI?? TLA?


Backblaze - Simple, reliable, affordable off-site back-up. This service has saved the proverbial bacon of carnivores and herbivores alike.

All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot - The stories of a young veterinarian making his way in the English countryside-- and the people and animals he meets along the way.
Available on iBooks   iTunes Audio Book  IMDB information on TV series (8.4/10)

Working Copy - Tom finds this to be the most productive Git client for iOS. It works particularly well with Textastic. [free, plus in-app purchases for push, etc.] or Working Copy Enterprise version [all-in version (all in-app purchases incl. for easier purchase), $15 USD]

Textastic - Amazing code editor for iOS. Syntax highlighting and code completion as good or better than desktop tools. Fantastic companion to Working copy. Be sure to get Textastic 6- it's worth the $10.

Backblaze - Simple, reliable, affordable off-site back-up. This service has saved the bacon of carnivores and herbivores alike.