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A Playground for Thoughts on Educational Technology and Training. Topical discussions on educational technology and elearning for technology-minded educators and training professionals. Hosted by Avron Barr and Tom King.
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A Playground for Thoughts on Educational Technology and Training.
Hosted by Avron Barr and Tom King.

Join the conversation as we engage in topical discussion on educational technology and elearning. Our intended audience is technology-minded professionals in the fields of education and corporate training.

Please participate. The podcast first “semester” is January - June of 2016 and our goal is to publish 1-2 episodes a month.

Use the moderated comments below or @eLearningRecess for follow-up questions or future topic ideas.
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Aug 1, 2016

cmi5 Discussion with Bill McDonald

Guest speaker Bill McDonald discusses the cmi5 spec for xAPI and LMS use. Bill provides a clean, simple description of cmi5 while he combats the hype and Tom’s leading questions like, “is cmi5 really a better AICC than AICC, a better SCORM than SCORM, and a better xAPI than xAPI?” Avron gets answers about content launching and reporting. Along the way we share insights, insider jokes and helpful references for the curious.

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Learn About cmi5: Intro Articles and Overviews

Time to Plug Into CMI-5 by Bill McDonald
Bill explains cmi5 in layman’s terms.

Experience API, cmi5, and Future SCORM by Art Werkenthin
Art provides some background on SCORM and xAPI and the shortcomings that cmi5 addresses. NOTE: this May 2015 article predates the May 2016 publication of cmi5 “Quartz” (the 1st release).

What is cmi5 (from

cmi5 is a "profile" for using the xAPI specification with traditional learning management (LMS) systems.

Since the xAPI specification is highly generalized to support many different use cases, a set of "extra rules" (called a "profile") is needed to ensure interoperability for a given use case. The cmi5 profile ensures plug and play interoperability between learning content and LMS systems.

The use case that the cmi5 profile is specifically designed for is one where the learner launches the learning content/activity from the LMS user interface.

cmi5 defines specific interoperability rules for the following areas:

  • Content Launch Mechanism
  • Authentication
  • Session Management
  • Reporting
  • Course Structure

cmi5 Details and Workgroup Activity

The Main cmi5 Workgroup Web Site on Github -

Project Information & Spec -

Group Conference Calls, Meeting Minutes, & Email List -

cmi5 on twitter: @cmi5spec and #cmi5

cmi5 Group on LinkedIn: