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A Playground for Thoughts on Educational Technology and Training. Topical discussions on educational technology and elearning for technology-minded educators and training professionals. Hosted by Avron Barr and Tom King.
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A Playground for Thoughts on Educational Technology and Training.
Hosted by Avron Barr and Tom King.

Join the conversation as we engage in topical discussion on educational technology and elearning. Our intended audience is technology-minded professionals in the fields of education and corporate training.

Please participate. The podcast first “semester” is January - June of 2016 and our goal is to publish 1-2 episodes a month.

Use the moderated comments below or @eLearningRecess for follow-up questions or future topic ideas.
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Jun 6, 2016

TLA - Training and Learning Architecture

During this recess: Training & Learning Architecture (TLA), an attempt to integrate more complex edtech/elearning ecosystems in a post-SCORM world. TLA reflects the need for more than “an LMS and content tools” as we work and learn in a more performance-oriented, collaborative, social, immersive, and mobile modern world.

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Resources to Help Understand TLA

An early notion of TLA elements as diagrammed by Damon Reagan in 2014

Larger image here:

TLA Components might include:

  • xAPI
  • LRS (Learning Record Store)
  • Analytics Engines
  • Competency Models
  • Content Brokers
  • Content/Activity Registries
  • Content Repositories
  • Items to be determined as product categories and needs emerge

Systems and Terminology

LRS on Wikipedia:
TinCan and LRS:
Rustici Software:
Watershed LRS & Analytics:
Saltbox WAX LRS:

Presentations, Implementations, Prototypes

Mimi Ito, an expert in young people’s use of digital media, shares her research on informal learning in online communities, where students can build technology skills, learn media literacy, and create and share their work.

Eduworks RUSSEL and DECALS
The Re-Usability Support System for E-Learning (RUSSEL)
DECALS on GitHub:

PERLS: A Pervasive Learning System (mobile personal assistant for learning)

More Information and Participation

Connections Forum (xAPI Camp Organizer):

Things We Like

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